Kristina - "Mamma" Rocks

Mamma Rocks is a mom owned, family operated business!

Hi! I'm Kristina, AKA "Mamma" of Mamma Rocks. Mamma Rocks is a mom owned, family operated business that was started 4 years ago using my families recipes... to be honest it all started with a simple BUT insanely delicious meatball recipe! Now that mighty meatball has helped launch a food blog, catering service AND our very own food truck rolling out April of 2017.

Truth be told I am not a trained chef and I never went to culinary school, I’m a food enthusiast who loves to cook quality home style meals for her family and turned my love of cooking into a career. I love to cook down home style meals… you know the ones your mom or grandmother might have made, but I’m not stuck on one type of cooking style over another – I will try anything once and if I like it… will try to make it my own. I love stews, soups and family friendly meals especially taking old school recipes and putting my own little twist on them. AND that is where the concept of the Mamma Rocks food truck came from:

Taking old-school, down-home recipes and creating unique, delicious artisan sandwiches out of them for people on the go!

Like taking my meatballs marinara and turning it into a mozzarella cheesy, meatball ball stuffed, marinara smothered sandwich between two toasty slices of artisan bread.

Just check out our food truck menu and you will see so many of the sandwiches will remind you of home cooking between tasty bread... and that is the point! Home cooked, delicious and portable goodness.

But I am only half of the Mamma Rocks team… Meet my husband Brian, he is the tech guru of the team and handles all the video, photos, website stuff AND is the food truck "dude" who will be toasting, grilling, and flipping your delicious sandwiches when you come check us out. While I am the cook in the kitchen creating the tasty recipes he is the "boots on the ground" serving up our delicious home made, made to order sandwiches!!!!

Mamma Rocks Food Truck Tagline

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Having a party or want our truck to come to your place of business? Yea, we can do that... we love to cater. Just pop us an email or give us a call!